Lila’s 9th Birthday

Hi! It’s me. I’m blogging (!!) I have much to share, but I thought I’d start with this sweet birthday party for a very sweet girl. I’ve been photographing her parties since she was 3 years old. I’m so thankful for this special island family and how they’ve entrusted me to capture this gorgeous girl every year. xo





dreamy dreamcatchers

If you haven’t checked out Natalia’s amazing dreamcatchers over at Catch Swan Dreams on Etsy, then you must, like yesterday.  They are so beautiful and the details she puts into each one makes them so special and unique.  I’m a fan and was so happy to be given the chance to photograph them in the most perfect location ever.  I mean, there were sheep in the back ground.



Lila’s 7th birthday party

I first started photographing Lila’s parties when she was turning 3 years old.  I can’t believe she’s 7 now.    Still as sweet as pie, this one.  storyboardcomp001storyboardcomp002storyboardcomp003storyboardcomp004storyboardcomp005

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a christmasy table

The truth is my Christmas tree is still up at my house, so I think it’s OK to share a pretty Christmas table that was created for a lovely little Christmas party.  This lovely’ness was created by, none other than, Jennifer Horn.  I LOVE photographing her parties.  They never, ever disappoint.  We even included her pretty dress she was planning to wear.  Everything was pure perfection.



kaden’s 3

A roaring fun birthday fit for a little lion king.


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